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An experimental program that allows you to use a gamepad to operate the desktop. It can also be used to control a DVD player, mount and unmount USB devices and perform other operations.Just a single click on the icon to activate it.If it detects the device, open the configuration manager and choose the actions you want to configure. Save the settings to a file that will allow you to use them later.Find out more in the download link below!I was one of those Windows users that swore I would never use Linux. I’ve tried many times to get more than basic functionality on Linux systems. My most recent effort was a few years ago with Linux Mint Debian edition. I tried to put Mint on my phone as a phone but it was a complete disaster and I ended up regretting my decision to run Linux on my phone.Over the years as I used Mint as my primary operating system on my desktop computers, I realized that the experience was so much better than Windows. I had a lot of issues with drivers and customizations with Windows that I had no issues with with Linux.While I still have a fairly fresh install of Mint running on my desktop computer, I decided to try out something new and took up the challenge of installing Linux on my phone. It is not the easiest process, but I think it is worth it for those that have tried Linux in the past.What do you need to get Ubuntu phone running on your phone?Hardware: You need a phone that is supported by the developer image. My phone is a LG G7 plus with support for Ubuntu Touch. There are also a few phones that are getting Ubuntu Touch support and I would love to see more options for phones to use.Software: You will need an Ubuntu desktop installation that has support for the developer image. You can download images using the instructions here. You can also use the daily images, but they are not supported. I installed the Ubuntu 20.04 image on my G7.I have a NVIDIA 960 mobile GPU which, at the time the image was built, was not supported. When I followed the instructions on running a Ubuntu environment on mobile hardware, I ended up with a black screen. When I ran the command from the official ubuntu forums that I found here, the first thing it said was that the GPU was not supported.When I tried the daily images, they still had issues with the NVIDIA cards. I was eventually able to 08929e5ed8

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