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Owner Sarah Paksima

Why Bundled Services?

"If I've learned anything in the last 20 years, it's that families need MORE. More education, more support structures, more community, and more preparation for the major life transitions that surround birth. Through bundled services we are able to give our clients the best foundation for their entrance into parenthood. I hope this becomes a model of standard care for all families."
Sarah Paksima, Owner

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Services: Services
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Birth and Beginnings Bundles

The Birth and Beginnings Bundle: Over 100 Hours of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum services (see details below).

Bundled with 25 hours of postpartum support: $2,950*

Bundled with 50 hours of postpartum support: $3,950* 

The Birth Bundle: Over 75 hours of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum services listed below, except for the Postpartum Doula support. $1,950*

Postpartum Only Bundles (see a la carte pricing) include Postpartum Support Circles and Postpartum Movement Series.

*Repeat client discount available for bundled services.

Birth and Beginnings Bundle

Over 100 hours of classes, circles, and professional support



  • 6-hour Childbirth Prep Class

  • 6-hour Postpartum Recovery, Newborn Care and Infant Feeding Class

Movement & Circles:

Birth Doula Support:

  • Unlimited email and phone support

  • 1:1 prenatal consultation


Birth Doula Support:

  • Guidance on comfort and positions

  • Assist with transition to birth place

  • Normalize and validate changes 

  • Hands-on comforting touch

  • Assistance with pain relief support

  • Assistance with medical tools

  • Facilitate communication with providers

  • Advocate for you

  • Assist with transition to postpartum

  • Text and phone support after birth

  • Pre- and Post-Op support for Cesarean births


Postpartum Doula:

  • 25 or 50 hours of daytime or overnight postpartum doula support (one of these hours goes towards a 1:1 postpartum consultation)

Movement & Circles:

Infant Feeding Support:

  • 1-hour counseling session with Certified Infant Feeding and Lactation Counselor

Services: Services

A La Carte Services

Birth Doula Support - $1,850*

  • includes 1 prenatal, phone/email support, labor/birth support, and 1 postpartum visit *Repeat client discount available

Postpartum Doula Support

All package hours may be used for day or overnight shifts; includes peer support circles and movement series.

  • 25 hours – $1,125

  • 50 hours - $2,200 ($50 discount included)

  • 100 hours - $4,400 ($100 discount included)

  • 200 hour package: $8,800 ($200 discount included)

  • 300 hour package: $13,200 ($300 discount included)


  • Childbirth Prep Class – $150

  • Postpartum Prep Class – $150

  • Class Bundle (both classes): $250

Peer Support Circles:

  • Drop-in Pregnancy Support Circle – $150

  • 6-week Postpartum Support Circle - $150

Mindful Movement Series:

  • Pregnancy Mindful Movement Series - $15/session

  • Postpartum Movement and Infant Massage Series - $20/session​

Infant Feeding Support:

  • 1-hour Telehealth Counseling Session - $120/hr

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Services: Services
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Which Bundle is Right?

How do we hire you?

The best way to get to know us and learn about our services is to attend our monthly virtual Meet the Doulas event the second Tuesday of the month from 7:30-8:30 p.m. You can also call during business hours to talk to a doula or fill out this form to request a contract or a past recording of Meet the Doulas before the event.

Services: About
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