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Our Mindful Movement Series

This series of gentle movement classes for bodies that are changing is facilitated by Shaleen Ford and Rebecca Gitter. All movement series are part of our bundled service packages or can be purchased separately.

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Pregnancy Mindful Movement Series

30 minutes

Weekly facilitator led virtual sessions. These are not work outs - instead this is a time to mindfully connect with your pregnant body and your baby.

  • practice positions, movements, and breathing techniques introduced in DCBD Birth Prep Class

  • move in ways that will help you feel safe and comfortable as your body grows

  • prepare your body and mind for labor and birth

*Drop-ins welcome, no pre-registration required.

Postpartum Movement & Infant Massage Series

30 minutes

Weekly facilitator led virtual sessions for caregivers and infants. Bring your sense of humor, your patience, and your appreciation for early human development.

  • reconnect with your new post-birth body

  • take some much needed time for yourself

  • movement, breathing, and mindfulness to support mental health

  • infant massage can help baby sleep, reduce stress, and aid in digestion

*Drop-ins welcome, no pre-registration require

Our Mindful Movement Series: Services
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