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Our Peer Support Circles

Connect with other people going through similar experiences of change and transition. Our circles are facilitated each week by Shaleen Ford and Elizabeth Parish. All circles are part of our bundled service packages or can be joined separately.

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Our Pregnancy Support Circles meet virtually on Wednesdays at 7pm, on a drop in basis, and are open to all clients. No commitment required. Support people are welcome.

Topics include: 

  • Empowerment in the birth process:  How are you making your decisions?

  • Birth planning:  How do you communicate your preferences?

  • Self Care:  How are you caring for your body?

  • Confronting fears about giving birth:  How do you listen to your body?

  • Communicating with your support person/partner: How do you ask for what you need?

  • Fully benefit from your doula:  How will you “stay connected” to your birth experience?

  • Find humor in your journey:  How will you let go of things out of your control?

  • Practice finding comfort in discomfort

Our Postpartum Support Circles are organized into cohorts based on birth dates and run for 6 weeks, on Wednesday afternoons. Support people and partners are invited and welcome!

Topics include: 

  • Owning your Birth Story: you just had a big experience in your body!

  • Managing expectations and the reality of a newborn - “I had no idea what I signed up for…”

  • Re-connecting to your amazing body!

  • Feeding your baby and yourself…kindly

  • How are you finding JOY as you redefine your role

  • Figuring out what you need and how to ask for it–creating healthy family boundaries

  • How to be solitary but not isolated with your newborn: prioritize relationship connections

  • How to make it out of the house by yourself for the first time with your baby - you can do it!

Our Peer Support Circles: Services
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